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If you're one of those "long time readers" of this blog, you might recall seeing pictures of this adorable family that I posted back in 2012.  I think this summer marked...

If you're one of those "long time readers" of this blog, you might recall seeing pictures of this adorable family that I posted back in 2012.  I think this summer marked the 4th time I've photographed the M family, and it's been so much fun to be the one capturing their developing personalities and be able to watch them grow each year.  After scouting a bit online, we decided on the Harrisonville city park where we found a beautiful lake and - much to little Cody, the boy of the family's, delight - a train cab!   Which, yes, we used for some of the girls' shots too... because its not everyday you get your picture taken on a train. =)  It being a red train, it went perfectly with their "4th of July" coordinated outfits!

Fun fact!  Mally's newborn pictures made up the first ever blog post on Anna Liz Photography! ;-)

Cody's "cool face"... haha!

When you have three sisters who all do cartwheels?  Well, you take a picture, of course!


  1. Beautiful work Anna! :)

  2. Hello Anna!

    This is Jessica Boyer on behalf of my family from the Boyer Family Singers blog. I just found your sister's wonderful Cakery blog through a comment she left on our site, and as soon as I saw the photography I had to know who was the mastermind behind the incredible photos. And here you are! So nice to meet you! I cant tell you how beautiful each and every one of your photos are Anna! My sister Charlotte is the photographer behind our blog and has a great eye for this medium as well, so I know a gorgeous photo when I see it. Incredible!

    We just followed you and your sister's blogs, and we hope to get to know you! You both seem like such sweet young ladies!

    Love and smiles,

    The eldest sister & singer

  3. What a fun shoot! I love how their star-spangled outfits coordinate with the train and with each other! The littlest girl is adorable! Such a cute smile! The cartwheel picture is awesome! So neat that they can all do that! =D

    Great job! =)



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