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I'm about to share with you some pictures of two very special people. Though I've known Micah Noel for the past seven years or so, I met Martin just a year ago when he ...

I'm about to share with you some pictures of two very special people. Though I've known Micah Noel for the past seven years or so, I met Martin just a year ago when he was visiting from Austria (yes, Austria ;-) to meet Micah Noel's family. The two of them met while studying at a Christian institution in England a few years back, and since then it's been so neat to watch their relationship grow and mature into what it is now! From the time we met her and her family, Micah Noel's life has always radiated with a certain beauty that can only grace the face of a woman who has entrusted her everything into the hands of the Lord. Even amid all the many sudden health conflicts she's had to endure this past year, Micah Noel's heart continues to just ooze with a special kind of joy and peace that she finds in Christ. Her example of gentleness, character, and femininity has made a such an impact on the lives of many!

One thing that makes Micah Noel and Martin's relationship so beautiful is the way they so patiently and contentedly lived their lives before they met. They knew God had the perfect person in mind for the other and that He would bring that person along at the perfect time (in this particular case, their "perfect person" was in a more unexpected place than usual ;-). So they waited in expectation for what God had for them - marriage or not - and still lived their lives with purpose and service to their King, knowing that doing so is a goal that lasts a lifetime no matter what season of life you're in or what your relationship status is. And because of their decision? Now that they've met each other, HE continues to be the center of their lives and their relationship together.

To sum it all up: I love these two. =) I had SO much fun getting to know them better as a couple and watching them interact with each other during the shoot, and I'm so glad I was able to have them be a part of my first engagement session! His 'just-for-her' looks, her excited laughter... It was all so sweet and I felt so privileged to be there to capture it. Martin and Micah Noel, thank you once again for spending that hour with me in front of my camera!

See? I said we had fun... ;-)


  1. Oh..oh!!!!! SO PRETTY!!!! Amazing job Anna. I absolutely adore the last "golden hour" ones. :)

  2. These are lovely, Anna! I've been blessed by Micah Noel too and am excited to see what the Lord has in store for her and Martin. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh these are absolutely precious. I can see the sweet love they have for each other. You did SUCH a good job capturing them and their love! Amazing job on your first engagement shoot!



  4. Beautiful! The photos AND the couple! So cute!

  5. I just can't get over the soft light and how it literally bathes the couple in it's warmth. It's like God is very pleased with their decision to marry so He surrounds them in His light and gave you a camera so you could capture the scene. It's very beautiful!

  6. Awww...these are so- peaceful and...well, gentle. (Odd as that might sound. ;)) a reflection of their character's I suppose; Micah-Noel is sweet and gentle as I know... =)
    And the light...it's so perfect for them, just a subtle touch of warmth. Not glaring, bright and overpowering, but just right.

    I love em all. =)

    Xx -Jenny

  7. P.s and I like the couple of shots with the Bible, that was a unique idea! =D

  8. they look so dreamy & magical out there in the sun!

  9. So much loveliness! And such dreamy lighting, too. Beautiful work, Anna!

  10. these are beautiful!! I know Micah Noel through Bright Lights and she is totally sweet! so happy for her on her engagement..keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you, Hannah! Micah Noel's sister, Bryant, was actually the one that had given me your web address a while back - saying that you were a wonderful photographer she knew through Bright Lights. ;-) (small world, isn't it?) I appreciate your encouragement!

  11. these are just LOVELY!! So filled with emotion. :D Good work! I feel like I've been on your blog before, but it's been a LONG TIME. :)

  12. Ohh, it's been a long time since I've checked your blog....these are absolutely lovely! You are talented. And I'm following from the right link now. :-)


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