Love documented:: synopsis of recent favorites | him+her edition

Oh my, here comes a photo overload.  What a whirlwind these have been, watching both newfound and dear childhood friends celebrate togetherness
so much so... indeed I haven’t gotten around to posting any of these prior to this.  Eeks.  There is far too much to be shared from an event or a piece in time of one’s life in just photos, and I’m finding this more and more as life eases along (the father walking his first child down the aisle; the young, giddy, teary-eyed fiancé who has found the one she loves; the devoted husband and wife of many years in marriage and life; all the tiny, most wonderful happenings that go uncaught by camera glass) - 

but it’s still worth it. 

It's still so worth it to retain, to capture, to remember.  
To take a glance at an image and recall all over, again and again, of how that moment, 
that embrace, 
even that chilly whisper of the wind, 

was etched in time and God’s heart alike. 📷 ✍️💕 

without further ado...


(shoutout to Olivia and Jennifer whom I shot a few of these weddings with)


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My Sister is getting married! | Engagement

"...Later that evening Rebekah and I were able to talk for a couple hours. We both found the conversation very enjoyable. 

Interestingly, at the time, God had us both in the middle of challenging and stretching things that were taking us outside our comfort zones, and looking back, it’s really neat to us how we were able to encourage each other to trust in God and focus on Him through those things. 

However, all we did was meet and talk that evening and then went back to our separate lives – 

just as they had been for 20 years before...

I don’t remember the exact day that it happened (I think it was a growing surety) but one day I realized that I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt 

that Rebekah was the woman that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with."

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