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(post one of Olivia’s clients’ wedding + late night gyros to celebrate 🎉 )

She lives life with enthusiasm, and her laughter is infectious. (However, as you will soon see - she can pull a serious face pretty well too!) She has a fun, ardent...

She lives life with enthusiasm, and her laughter is infectious. (However, as you will soon see - she can pull a serious face pretty well too!) She has a fun, ardent personality, and she has a way of looking at everything she faces positively and with a cheerful smile.

This is Olivia. Besides the fact that both of us love the Lord, I'd probably have to say that photography is what we can relate about the most. Our conversations prove that point pretty well I think, because if you listened for a while you'd most likely hear something about a recent shoot, our favorite tips for posing, photography websites we find inspirational, or a new-found editing technique. ;-)  A couple weeks ago we finally took the opportunity to get together and just take pictures, doing what we always find ourselves talking about - and being in FRONT of the camera for a while was not only a nice change, but I also had the most fun watching Olivia "in action" and doing her stuff behind her camera! Olivia, you definitely have the 'make her feel comfortable in front of the camera' part down! One thing I love about every photographer is that they each form their own unique style, whether it be in posing, shooting, or editing (or all three!). Olivia and I had laughed about the fact that our cameras were set to basically the exact same settings throughout the day, and the part that I love is that both of our pictures (even though taken in the same locations) turned out different from each other in their own ways!

Anyways... enjoy these snapshots of Olivia, and don't forget to stop by her blog and check out her lovely work!


  1. Oh dear, these are amazing. Really.
    Here is a little list:
    1.You captured her laugh and smile wonderfully.
    2.Her eyes are STUNNING.
    3. I love the one with the "finger" (?) flare. Ha!
    4. Her shoes are great. =D
    5. The whole time I was scroling through these I was thinking, "wow, wow, awww that one is cute. These keep getting better and better. oh I like the fall feel. She doesn't look too cold. (like she said on her blog). Man, I want Anna to take pictures of me!"
    Okay, I am done with this epistle of a comment now.
    In one word: "Wow"
    (oh. P.S The pictures of you....wow. You are stunning, and so cute!)

  2. Ah, truly amazing. The light and the colors...just beautiful.
    Now off to check out these pictures of you. :-)

  3. These are simply lovely. Beautiful light, beautiful colors, beautiful girl!

  4. Ohhh... As I said, I LOVE them Anna!!! You are one amazing photographer. :D

  5. Say, that's a good intro of Olivia, I enjoyed reading it.
    The seventh one down, that's a stunner. ;) and the couple that follow, those poses are just really good for her. The one where she looked up; so sweet! Catherine and I took some snowy pictures and when I tried to do that pose my eyebrows kept goin' up too! Catherine said I looked like I was about to pounce on someone! Hehe... =P
    16- she cracked up after the one before didn't she? =D then the first one of her leaning on the tree, that's a really good one, the two after it as well.(I also love how you shot through the oak leaves, making a little frame of sorts!)
    A photographer and her camera, ah yes, the shoot wouldn't be complete without that. =D
    The second to last though could very well be my favorite; SO pretty. <3
    About that song, it is kind of an old one, I remember hearing it when I was 14 or so and now I only hear it once in a while, so that may be why you haven't heard it. =/

    Alrighty, the chatterbox is done now. =P


  6. Your photography work is so gorgeous, Anna! Love the beautiful, creamy sunlight in these pictures and how each image is so crisply focused. [If you have any tips for getting a crisp focus on the eyes, I'd love to hear! :) That's one of many things that I'm trying to work on in photography right now. :)] And I'm not going to even try to pick a favorite right now, because all of these pictures are so stunning. =) Thanks for sharing and many blessings! =)

    {p.s.} Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog, Anna! I replied to your comment and answered your question about the KBR cover. :) I'm looking forward to seeing the hard copy of the current issue of the magazine. =) Blessings!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth! Hmmm... I'd probably say that the best thing I've found that helps with keeping the eyes in focus is making sure you're checking what your aperture is set on (depending on the type of shot you're trying to get). For pretty much all of these portraits, my aperture was set somewhere in between f/2.5-f/3, as when I shoot lower than that, sometimes I can get a shot I LOVE but isn't focused where I want it to be (drawing your eyes instead to the top of the subject's head, nose/mouth, shirt, etc.). By no means am I saying you should never shoot with a wide open aperture though... just be creative and experiment with it! Another thing I've noticed that does help is to use the "AF point selection" on my camera - I'm not sure what model you have, but there should be a button you can press to select where you would like the camera to focus. You might try looking through your camera's manual to find where that is on your specific model. Hope this gives you some thoughts to work with, and blessings to you too!

  7. The colors all are so great, smooth and complimenting to Olivia:)
    I enjoyed seeing a "new side" to her and loved your photos (on her blog) as well!

  8. Ashley PriggeApril 12, 2013

    Wow! these are AMAZING, Anna! You work really well with light and your style is so delicate. Great job!


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