Friday, September 25, 2015

Abby & Hannah | Portraits

Meet Hannah Emily and Abby Grace.  Two young ladies and friends who make up their own wedding photography team, and who have some of the best...

Meet Hannah Emily and Abby Grace.  Two young ladies and friends who make up their own wedding photography team, and who have some of the best laughter around (I mean there IS a lot to laugh about when adults are asked to do ridiculous things like "Ring Around the Rosie" during their business website photo session ;-)  These two are some fun photographers!).  Hannah is a sweet army wife with brown eyes that light up and smile every time she does.  Growing up as the oldest of many younger siblings and also a volunteer at a local pro-life organization, she appreciates and understands well the importance of people and the life that each one of them has been given.  Abby is a blue-eyed blonde, and says she can't survive without Starbucks - and I think she's being honest. =)  She is one of those gentle but smart types studying in the pharmaceutical field, and comes from a family with a hilarious sense of humor!  They combined names and efforts to make up Emily Grace Photography, and now work together photographing primarily couples in Kansas City - also offering homecoming sessions for deployed servicemen and other discounts for those serving in the armed forces!

Hannah and Abby - God obviously gave you two amazing hearts and talents.  I'm excited to see how He will use it all - including the cameras in your hands - to shed life, LIGHT, and purity into our world!  Being a part of the cyber visual/art/photography/whatchamacallit world, I haven't been able to help but see how photography is such an amazingly powerful tool, both for good and evil.  I'm glad I get to be on the journey with you as not only Bible-readers and -believers, but also "camera-wielders" for a time, learning to allow HIM to use our everything to make Himself known!  Hoping all the best for you in your photography endeavors!!


  1. You are so sweet!!! We are so incredibly happy with our pictures. =D You are so talented, and nice, and fun, and truly the best. <3

  2. These are beautiful! They are so bright and happy. Excellent job! :)

    Sophia Noelle //


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